PTHAT High Speed RPM Testing with Nema 17 Motor using Instant Commands

Getting Stepper Motors to high speeds require a very clean, fast pulse train and also ramping.

With the PTHAT we have built in very simple ramping routines that gives you a divisor of the target speed and also a timing marker that will be used to determine when the next divisor speed is triggered.

This method works very well across the range of speeds and also if very slow ramping speeds are needed, the firmware will detect if there is enough time to complete the ramp over the distance. If there is not enough time, then it will automatically re-calculate and start ramping down.

In the video on this page we show a Nema 17 motor being span up to 3000 RPM using the PTHAT and built in ramping routines.

Also please check out the ramping information link on the Motor Information Page for more detail.